What is the difference between an Ordinary Thief (OT) and a Political Thief (PT)?

    1. The Ordinary Thief steals your money, bag, watch, gold chain etc. But, The Political Thief steals your future, career, education, health and business!

    2. The hilarious part is:
    The Ordinary Thief will choose whom to rob. But, you yourself choose the Political Thief to rob you.

    3. The most ironic one:
    Police will chase and nab the Ordinary Thief. But, Police will look after and protect the Political Thief!

    That's the travesty and irony of our current society! And, we blindly say we are not blind!

    4. The stupid part of the whole issue is that we insult and fight the Ordinary Thief but we Fight each other for the Political Thief.
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