Selma telephones home with some exciting news:

    "Mama, I got married."

    "Congratulations!!" says Mama.

    "I might as well tell you, Mama, he's not of our Faith."

    "So he's a goy. But am I prejudiced?"

    "But, Mama, he's also black."

    "So he's a schvartzeh. By me, everybody should be tolerant."

    "Well, frankly, Mama, he's also unemployed."

    "So, you'll support him. A wife should help her husband."

    "But, Mama, we have no place to live."

    "Don't worry, Selma, dear. You'll move in with us."

    "But Mama, you have only one bedroom."

    "That's okay. You and your husband can have the bedroom."

    "Yes, Mama, but where will you and Papa sleep?"

    "Papa can sleep on the couch in the living room."

    "Yes, Mama, but where will *you* sleep?"

    "Selma, dear, about me you don't need to worry. The minute I get off the phone...I'm going to drop dead."
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