Two engineering students are waiting to give their oral viva test. The first student's turn comes, and he goes inside.

    External: Suppose you are traveling by a train, and suddenly it gets hot, what will you do?

    Student: I will open the window.

    External: Great, now suppose that the area of the window is 1.5 sq.m and the volume of the compartment is 12 m3, the train is traveling at 80 km/hr in a Westerly direction and the speed of the wind is 5 m/s from the South, then how much time will it take for the compartment to get cold?

    The student can't answer, so he is marked fail and he comes out. After coming out he tells that question to the second student.

    The second student goes in and his viva starts.

    External: Suppose you are traveling by a train, and suddenly it gets hot, what will you do?

    2nd Student: I will remove my coat.

    External: It still is hot, then what?

    Student: I will remove my shirt.

    External (angrily): If it still is hot, then what will you do?

    Student: I will remove my pant.

    External (Fuming): And what if you die due to the heat?

    Student: Sir, Mar Jaunga But Woh Khidki Nahi Kholunga!
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