Once Ronald Reagan met Indira Gandhi. She talks about Zail Singh s incompetence in English. Reagan boasts that he can teach Zail in 12 hours, and he will be perfect in English after that. So Zail Singh and Reagan are locked in a room.
    After only 6 hours, the door opens, and there comes Reagan, saying "Ae nahin seekh sagda!" (He can t learn!)
  • Wrong to Sleep... because somebody had told him that it is wrong tosleep with married women..
  • Train on platform! Banta is standing on platform no.1 waiting for the punjab mail to arrive. There is an announcement 'Passengers to note.. Train no 234 dn Punjab mail from New Delhi will be arriving...
  • Rectangular Waves! A passer by notices Banta by the side of a lake, throwing bricks into the water.
    So he asks him: 'Why are you throwing bricks in to the water?'
  • Locked! Santa and Banta observed in a parking lot trying to unlock the door of their Mercedes with a coat hanger:
    Santa: 'I can`t seem to get this door unlocked! '
  • These are a few Banta`s quickies`.......... Q: How do you measure a His intelligence?
    A: Stick a tire pressure gauge in his ear!