Pink Curtains
    A Blonde enters a store that sells curtains.

    She tells the salesman, "I would like to buy a pair of pink curtains."

    The salesman assures her that they have a large selection of pink curtains.

    He shows her several patterns, but the blonde seems to be having a hard time choosing.

    Finally she selects a lovely pink floral print. The salesman then asks what size curtains she needs.

    The blonde promptly replies, "Fifteen inches."

    "Fifteen inches???" asked the salesman. "That sounds very small, what room are they for?"

    The blonde tells him that they aren't for a room, they are for her computer monitor.

    The surprised salesman replies, "But Miss, computers do not need curtains!"

    The blonde says, "Hellllooooooooo ... I've got Windoooooows!"
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