• Strike It Rich

    Sarah and Abe are out celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. During the evening, Sarah broaches the subject of (their) life insurance, an issue she has been raising with him for at least 10 years, without success.

    "Abe," she says, with tears in her eyes, "I don't think you love me."

    "Why do you think that?" he asks.

    "Because if you really loved me, you would ensure that if anything happened to you, God forbid, I would be properly provided for."

    "Sarah," he says angrily, "I need life insurance like I need a hole in the head."

    "I know your views," says Sarah, "but I've spoken to two of my friends recently and they tell me that their husbands have life insurance -- and they're not as rich as you. If it's good enough for them, why isn't it good enough for you?"

    "I'll tell you why," replies Abe. "It's because they've been paying high premiums month after month, and what have they got so far in return? Nothing!"

    "So what if their husbands have been paying for nothing?" says Sarah.

    You've always told me I'm luckier than my friends -- who knows, maybe this time I'll strike it rich."
  • Mister Fog!

    A businessman is hurrying home on the motorway after a hard days work when he is stopped by a policeman.

    "Do you know you were driving 30 mph over the limit?" asks the policeman.

    "Eh, actually no, officer, it's a big car and it just sort of coasts along... you know."

    "And what were you planning on doing if you met Mr Fog?" demands the policeman.

    "Well," says the businessman, thinking it best to play along, "I suppose I'd ease off on Mr Accelerator, and switch on Mr Headlights and Mr Windscreen wipers."

    The policeman leans in the window and eyeballs the businessman. "I asked you what you were planning on doing if you met MIST OR FOG!" And threw the book at him.
  • Dead Crows

    The Goa Police have found a large number of dead crows on the Goa-Karnataka highway early this morning, and there was concern that they may have died from Avian Flu.

    A Pathologist examined the remains of all the crows, and to everyone's relief, confirmed the problem was NOT Avian Flu.

    The cause of death appeared to be from vehicular impacts. However, during analysis it was noted that varying colours of paints appeared on the bird's beaks and claws.

    By analysing these paint residues it was found that 98% of the crows had been killed by impact with motorbikes, while only 2% were killed by cars.

    The investigators then commissioned an Ornithological Behaviourist to determine if there was any specific reason for the disproportionate percentages of motorbike kills versus car kills.

    The ornithological behaviourist discovered that when crows eat road kill, they always have a look-out crow to warn others of danger.

    They finally concluded that while all the lookout crows could shout "Cah!", not a single one could shout "Bike!". 
  • Two Timing Wife?

    A man and woman were having dinner in a fine restaurant.

    Their waitress, taking another order at a table a few steps away, suddenly noticed that the man was slowly sliding down his chair and under the table, but the woman acted unconcerned.

    The waitress watched as the man slid all the way down his chair and out of sight under the table. Still, the woman appeared calm and unruffled, apparently unaware that her dining companion had disappeared.

    The waitress went over to the table and said to the woman, "Pardon me, ma'am, but I think your husband just slid under the table."

    The woman calmly looked up at her and said, "No, he didn't. He just walked in the door."