• Funny Questions and Answers

    What is the opposite of 'Dominos' ?
    "Domi doesn't know"

    One more!
    What is the opposite of 'Pizza Hut' ?
    Tired again?
    Pizza hatna mat"
    Ok, another one!

    What is the opposite of 'Gopalakrishnan' ?
    Keep thinking...
    It's 'Come-Palakrishnan'

    Stop banging your head! Last one...
    What is the opposite of "Subramanium Sawmi" ?
    Gave up?
    Subramanium didn't see me!

    Ok, ok, last one promise...
    What is the opposite of Jogeshwari ?
    Jogesh don't worry.
  • Safe Sex

    A teenage boy and his grandfather go fishing one day. While fishing, the old man starts talking about how times have changed.

    The young man picks up on this and starts talking about the various problems and diseases going around.

    Teen says, "Grandpa, they didn't have a whole lot of problems with all these diseases when you were young did they?"

    Grandpa replies, "Nope."

    Teen says, "Well, what did you guys use for safe sex?"

    Grandpa replies, "A wedding ring."
  • Dying of AIDS

    An Irishman named Adrian went to his doctor.

    The doctor, after an examination, sighed and said, "I've some bad news. You have cancer, and you'd best put your affairs in order."

    Adrian was shocked, but managed to compose himself and walk into the waiting room, where his son had been waiting.

    "Well son, we Irish celebrate when things are good, and we celebrate When things don't go well. In this case, things aren't well. I have cancer. Let's head to the pub and have a few pints."

    After 3 or 4 pints, the two were feeling a little less somber. There were some laughs and more beers. They were eventually approached by some of Adrian's old friends, who were curious as to what the two were celebrating. Adrian told his friends they were drinking to his impending end.

    "I Have been diagnosed with AIDS. "

    The friends gave Adrian their condolences, and they had a couple of more beers.

    After the friends left, Adrian's son leaned over and whispered, "Dad, I thought you said you were dying of cancer, and you just told your friends you were dying of AIDS."

    Adrian said, "I don't want any of them sleeping with your mother after I'm gone."
  • Sexy Secretary

    A well-stacked young advertising secretary wore tight knit dresses that showed off her figure, especially when she walked.

    Her young, aggressive boss motioned her into his office one afternoon and closed the door.

    Pointing to her tightly covered derriere, he asked, "Is that for sale?"

    "Of course not!" she snapped angrily, blushing furiously.

    Unchanged, he replied quietly, "Then, I suggest you quit advertising it."