Quebec Woman Walks Husband On Leash To Evade Curfew Rules, Fined $3,000

Quebec Woman Walks Husband On Leash To Evade Curfew Rules, Fined $3,000
In a weird case, a Canadian woman tried to dodge Covid-19 restrictions to go out during curfew by walking her husband on a leash! The news has created a huge buzz online.

Amid the recent surge in daily cases and deaths, Quebec Premier Francois Legault implemented a curfew after 8 pm across the city. However, little did authorities anticipated the rare sight of a man wearing a leash around his neck.

Talking to CTV News, local police in Sherbrooke locality said the pair was caught walking at 9 pm on Saturday evening towards downtown and did not cooperate with the officers. The couple were fined $1,500 each for flouting the restriction orders.

"When questioned by police, the couple said they were happy to receive the ticket and claimed they were following the rules set forth by Premier Francois Legault," the report added.

"One of them had the other on a leash, and she said she was taking her dog, pointing to her partner, out on a walk, as allowed under the exceptions provided by Quebec's premier under its curfew law," Montreal Gazette reported.

When the police protested, the woman in question firmly said she would not pay the fine, according to a report by La Tribune.

Quebec officials have said people may walk their dogs after the 8 pm curfew, provided they stay within one kilometre of their house.

Quebec is wrestling with more than 2,500 COVID-19 cases a day, a surge that threatens to increase hospitalizations beyond their spring peak in the next few weeks.

The province imposed a curfew starting Saturday and extended an existing lockdown through Feb 8 to curb the spread of the coronavirus, as it worked to speed up a vaccination campaign to counter soaring cases of COVID-19.

The new curfew runs from 8 pm to 5 am, even as non-essential businesses remain shut and home gatherings prohibited as part of a "shock treatment" to save lives and the province's health network, Premier Legault said last Wednesday. Schools will remain open, he said.

The new restrictions come as Canada faces a widespread second wave of the virus and concerns over the pace of vaccination efforts to protect citizens from the illness and combat its spread. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau last Tuesday promised that Ottawa would help speed the pace of inoculations.

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