• Jeeto: It's my bad luck that I married you. Otherwise lots of smart boys were interested in me.
    Santa: Of course they must have been smart, that's why they escaped from you.
  • Preeto: What's the difference between a horse's tail and a man's tie?
    Jeeto: The horse's tail covers up the entire asshole.
  • Jeeto: I was in a very generous mood today. I gave a poor beggar 500 rupees.
    Preeto: That's a lot of money to give away. What did your husband say about it?
    Jeeto: He said, "Thank you".
  • Santa: And you tell me several men proposed marriage to you?
    Jeeto: Yes, several.
    Santa: Well I wish you had married the first fool who proposed.
    Jeeto: I did!
  • Santa: Honey, I invited a friend home to dinner.
    Jeeto: What? Are you crazy? The house is in mess; I didn't go shopping; All the dishes are dirty; and I don't feel like cooking any fancy meal!
    Santa: I know all that.
    Jeeto: Then why did you invite your friend.
    Santa: Bcoz the poor fool is thinking of getting married.
  • Jeeto: My husband always takes drinks with his friends so that he has at least someone to carry him home.
  • Jeeto: Let us go out and have some fun tonight.
    Santa: Okay, but if you get home before I do, leave the passage light on.
  • Preeto: I think long hair makes a man look so intelligent.
    Jeeto: I found one on my Santa's coat the other night and he looked darned foolish.