• Jeeto: If you think that the treatment is expensive you should see my doctor. He is very reasonable.
    Preeto: How's that.
    Jeeto: If you cannot afford the treatment he alters the reports.
  • Jeeto and Santa were invited to Banta's for dinner.
    Jeeto to Preeto after tasting a horrible dish, "You must give me the original recipe of this dish".
    Preeto: Why the original recipe?
    Jeeto: So you can never cook it again!
  • Pinky while looking through a family album, "Doesn't dad look funny in those suspenders?"
    Jeeto: Yes, but he'd look a darned sight funnier without them!
  • Jeeto: My daughter is getting so popular.
    Preeto: How do you really claim that?
    Jeeto: She comes home with a different guy every night!
  • Santa: Why did you give away the scarf to Preeto that your friend presented you on your birthday?
    Jeeto: It was too tight!
  • Jeeto to Preeto, "You must see my doctor".
    Preeto: But there is nothing wrong with me.
    Jeeto: He is so good that he will find something!
  • Santa to Jeeto, "The baby's swallowed a pin".
    Jeeto: Don't worry, it's a safety pin!
  • Jeeto: I've figured how to avoid getting parking tickets.
    Santa: And how exactly do you do that?
    Jeeto: I've taken the windshield wipers off my car!
  • Jeeto: Husbands are the best people to share your secrets with.
    Preeto: Why do you say that?
    Jeeto: They won't tell anyone because they probably won't even listen in the first place!
  • Preeto: My 39th birthday isn't far off.
    Jeeto: Well, it isn't; it was only five or six years ago!