• Preeto: My 39th birthday isn't far off.
    Jeeto: Well, it isn't; it was only five or six years ago!
  • Santa: You just backed the car over my bike.
    Jeeto: Well, you shouldn't have left it on the lawn!
  • Jeeto was having a driving lesson. Partway through, the instructor told her, "You're in the wrong gear".
    "Oh", said Jeeto. "What should I have worn?"
  • Santa was late home from work one evening.
    "I'm sure he's having an affair", said Jeeto to her mother-in-law.
    "Why do you always think the worst?" said the mother-in-law. "Maybe he's just been in an accident."
  • Preeto: Why is psychoanalysis much quicker for men than it is for woman?
    Jeeto: Because when it is time to go back to childhood, the man is already there.
  • Jeeto went into a hunting store to buy a rifle. "It's for my husband", she explained.
    "Did he tell you what gauge to get?' asked the store assistant.
    "Are you kidding?" said Jeeto. "He doesn't even know I'm going to shoot him!"
  • A policeman stops Jeeto and asks for her license. He says, "Lady, it says here that you should be wearing glasses".
    Jeeto answers, "Well, I have contacts".
    The policeman replied "I don't care who you know, you're getting a ticket!"
  • Jeeto answers the phone. "It must have been a wrong number from some ship", she tells her husband.
    Santa: Why?
    Jeeto: Because it was a woman wanting to know if the coast is clear.
  • Santa: I have never had an affair. Can you say the same?
    Jeeto: Yes, but not with such a straight face!
  • Preeto: If you don't like your husband, why don't you just leave him and go?
    Jeeto: I don't like to do anything that shall make him happy!