Movie Review: 'Mitti Na Pharol Jogiya' - recreates sad saga of partition
Friday, May 08, 2015 15:05 IST
By Rajinder S. Taggar, Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Japtej Singh, Kartar Cheema, Amann Grewal

Director: Avtar Singh

Rating: ***1/2

Ah ! After a long time a Punjabi film has moved the viewers with its fine quality in almost all spheres. It was pleasant surprise to see that how well the story, dialogues, lyrics and photography have been woven for the 2 hour show.

The movie revolves around the partition of India in 1947. The heroine Nooran is a Muslim wedded to a Sikh. The Indian police, one day picks up the heroine sends her to refugee camps in Pakistan. Her husband Sucha Singh is in distress when he learns that Nooran, his wife had been deported to the new country, Pakistan.

A generation passes. Nooran dies in Lahore. Sucha Singh dies, after some time, in India. The movie eventually progresses with a fourteen year old Japtesh alias Jagga, attempting to go to Pakistan to meet his sister a progeny of Nooran. He is shown to have been implicated in a bomb blast case.

The movie narrates the story with ease and does not allow the audience to lose interest. The plot is simple but creates a sense of nostalgia. It also refers to the bloodbath which followed the partition. The cruelty of politicians is portrayed through Jagga who under goes torture at the hands of the Pakistani police.

The songs and music in the film are at par with any Bollywood Hindi movie. Acting by the cast is appreciable. All new comers, with no previous experience, have succeeded in showing their talent.

In my opinion the movie deserve three and half stars.
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