• Pretty People: Am I beautiful?
    Me: Sure as hell you are.
    Ugly People: Am I beautiful?
    Me: Everyone is beautiful. We are all children of God!
  • अगर समाजवादी पार्टी छोटे-छोटे राजनीतिक दलों में टूट जाए तो उनके चुनाव निशान होंगे:
    और घंटी!
  • How High Will They Go ? A kangaroo at the Sydney zoo kept getting out of his enclosure every night. Knowing that mature kangaroos could hop very high, the zoo officials replaced the eight-foot fence with a ten-foot fence. He was out... Read Full Joke...
  • फ़ोकट ज्ञान: 1. DOG सड़क पे उल्टा पड़ा था तो लोग उसकी पूजा करने लगे, क्यों?
    क्योंकि DOG उल्टा GOD होता है...
    पूरा जोक पढ़ें...
  • Who are you looking forward to watch in 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil'?

Aries Dear Aries, the movement of Moon in Leo may put all your pending plans into action on the personal front. You would be focused on attaining peace and happiness today and look forward to spending some quality time with your loved ones, predict astroYogi astrologers. Use this day to your advantage as luck is on your side; try and manage your other responsibilities on time as well. This transit may also make you optimistic and tolerant. If you had a tiff with someone or want to clear some misunderstandings, this is a good time to sort it out. You need to remember that everyone makes mistakes, it's not right to hold it against them or judge them for the same. Let it go! White is your lucky color and the time between 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm is auspicious. Read More...