• 27 June all world is celebrating International Husband Day.
    The date itself explains why this date is selected.
    "Satai Joon"!
  • अचानक मौसम में ये आंधियां कैसी आने लगीं;
    लगता है मायके से बीवियां सबकी वापस आने लगीं।
  • The Master Stroke A Kung Fu student asks teacher, "Master, why my ability does not evolve, and I`m always defeated?"
    And the master patiently answers, "My dear pupil, have you seen...
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  • तकनीकी मदद! एक महिला ने IT टेक्नीकल सपोर्ट को फोन किया।
    महिला: मुझे `हस्बैंड` प्रोगाम में मुश्किल हो रही है।
    टेक्नीकल सपोर्ट: कब से है यह दिक्कत?
    पूरा जोक पढ़ें...
  • Do you think the new tax system will boost economy

Aries Dear, Aries presence of Moon in Leo may create something good and positive, on the domestic and work front. astroYogi astrologers predict this planetary movement will bring in good luck for you. However, all the problems and tensions you may suffer today should not be addressed with anger and you should keep your calm to enjoy the rest of the day. Your friends will be very supportive today and you can look forward to a relaxed day today. Plan anything important between 9:45 am and 11:00 am to yield good results. The color brown is your lucky color for today. Read More...