Review: Bhalwan Singh is skinny in narration but strong on humour
Friday, October 27, 2017 17:36 IST
By Manjit Singh, Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Ranjit Bawa, Navpreet Banga, Karamjit Anmol, Manav Vij, Mahabir Bhullar and Rana Jung Bahadur

Director: Param Shiv

Ratings: ***

As the title suggests 'Bhalwan Singh' is a story about a character named as Bhalwan Singh played by Ranjit Bawa. Bhalwan Singh is a character who wants to do something for his village so that he can earn some respect from the villagers who always think that Bhalwan Singh is good for nothing. Whenever Bhalwan tries to do something good, he always falls flat. The story is set up in the pre-independence era.

All the villagers think that Jabra (Manav Vij) a rebel against the British empire, is their sole savior, who always do something for their betterment. Bhalwan Singh's love interest Veero (Navpreet Banga) also works with Jabra and she has no interest in Bhalwan's love.

In the quest for some respect from his villagers Bhalwan Singh and his friend Dittu (Karamjit Anmol) try lots of things, but all in vain.

Bhalwan Singh is more concerned about Veero. He wants to impress her with his deeds, but Veero a brave heart has no interest in him and she doesn't care about him at all.

One day when Bhalwan Singh goes to village head (Mahabir Bhullar) to ask if he can go along with Jabra on a mission as he really wants to do something and on village head's insistence Jabra takes Bhalwan Singh along with him but doesn't let him to do anything as he still thinks that Bhalwan is immature and can create trouble for them.

One day when they go on a mission, their mission fails and they all got arrested by the police and Bhalwan Singh returns back alone to the village, due to which villagers again insult him.

Then Bhalwan along with his friend Dittu plan to kidnap a British officer and they eventually succeed in this but they don't tell anyone about it. When the whole village is happy and excited about their unknown savior, Bhalwan Singh feels happy for that.

After that how Bhalwan Singh earns respect from villagers and how he wins Veero's love is pretty interesting to watch.

Though the film is set in the pre-independence era still the comedy has been beautifully etched into this. Ranjit Bawa's comic timing and face expressions are most loved in which Karamjit Anmol's funny one-liners are too hilarious to tickle audience's funny bones.

Although the film has lots to offer still it has few drawbacks which are unavoidable. The music of the film is meant for a limited audience and won't impress many. Another weak link of the film is the story and narration of the film which revolves around one particular character. Navpreet Banga has not much to offer. Similarly, rest of the actors Manav Vij, Rana Jung Bahadur and Mahabir Bhullar have also played their parts brilliantly.

The cinematography and art direction is brilliant which will entice you.

There was an extensive marketing campaign for this film. Ranjit Bawa got a bite from almost all top singers and actors of Punjabi Industry while promoting his movie on social media. It is purely an example which publicity delivers better results compare to advertising.

Overall if you are a fan of comedy movies and wants some relaxation then you can certainly watch this film which will surely tickle your funny bones.
Bhalwan Singh
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