Review: 'Laung Laachi' will not only enhance the flavour but satisfy your taste buds as well!
Friday, March 09, 2018 17:26 IST
By Manjit Singh, Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Amberdeep Singh, Neeru Bajwa, Ammy Virk, Amrit Maan, Nirmal Rishi

Director: Amberdeep Singh

Rating: ***

Over the years we have seen many Punjabi films which revolve around one particular genre and filmmakers shy away from trying different genre and subjects and when I heard about 'Laung Laachi', it certainly got my attention. The first of all the unique title and then an unconventional pairing. I was so sure that this film will definitely live up to the expectations and will be an entertainer.

'Laung Laachi' is a story of a recently married husband and wife who decide to play a strange game with each other. They decide to live under the same roof as strangers, and husband has to win the love of his wife.

Amberdeep Singh has played the husband's character Mehnga and Neeru Bajwa is his wife Laachi. Both like each other as Mehnga is very caring and love his wife and wants to keep his wife happy in all situations. Laachi is a loving girl who likes singing and dancing and even on their wedding night, she ends up singing songs for the guests.

The story unfolds with many beautiful moments and one day a friend of Mehnga introduces them to an upcoming singer Jagtar Maan (Amrit Maan), who after listening Laachi's voice asks her to sing a song with her. After some resistance Laachi and Mehnda agree to do the song as there was money involved too and Mehnga's financial status was not so good and he was already in debt.

Eventually, Laachi's song becomes a superhit, and singer decides to make a music video where he invites his fellow artist Ajaypal Singh (Ammy Virk) to see the shooting.

It was all good and the couple was happy in their own zone until Ajaypal Singh comes into their life. Ajaypal starts liking Laachi and wants her in his life. He makes an offer to Mehnga and Laachi, and asks Laachi to do a song with him. Ajaypal is an established singer and he offers a hefty amount to the couple and they end up accepting the offer. But there is a twist as the couple has to hide their relationship from public and media, and Ajaypal gets them to sign the contract for the same. Mehnga and Laachi were left in dilemma but they don't have any other option as they have to repay their debt and they want to live a happy life so they signed the contract. Ajaypal even introduces her to his family.

Laachi's career starts blooming and she gets an offer for a show in Canada with Ajaypal. Mehnga wants to come with her but somehow Ajaypal doesn't let him come along.

Mehnga feels that Laachi has left him alone and feels dejected and on the other hand Laachi has gotten a film offer with Ajaypal and she feels elated. She is busy in shooting and not able to give her time to Mehnga.

How Laachi manages her personal and professional life and will Ajaypal manages to win Laachi and will Mehnga be able to get her back in his life, will be interesting to see.

'Laung Laachi' is not very much different from other contemporary films, but what makes it different and a class above from rest of the films, is the exceptionally great writing of Amberdeep Singh.

Amberdeep Singh has not only beautifully written the film but also he has done a great job in the direction as well. He is a true one-man army of the film. He has left no stone unturned to make this ordinary looking film a treat for all cine-goers.

Neeru Bajwa is so beautiful that she defines beauty in every frame and her acting prowess has already won many laurels for her. Her effortless on-screen chemistry with Amberdeep Singh is a treat to sore eyes.

Ammy Virk once again has done justice to his character. Guest appearances by Amrit Maan, Baninder Bunny, and Veet Baljit has brought the fresh air of comedy.

The dialogues and one-liners are the soul of this film. Music of the film is already winning hearts and its songs are trending all over.

The film also has a social message which tells us that how our society feels about artists and performers who are bread earners of their families, especially about the female artists. That our society should change its perception towards them as they are not doing anything wrong.

Overall it's a great film but there are few flaws as well. The weak editing and not a great screenplay can cause this film. A few more cuts in the film could make this film a masterpiece with so spellbinding performances, but these are too small flaws which can be ignored. If you love Punjabi Cinema and want some respite from the usual genre then this film fits the bill. Go watch it!
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