Review: 'Race 3' is full of action but lacks logic!
Friday, June 15, 2018 17:47 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan, Bobby Deol, Jacqueline Fernandez, Saqib Saleem, Daisy Shah and Freddy Daruwalla

Director: Remo D'Souza

Rating: *1/2

Well I would like to state in the beginning itself that if you are going to watch 'Race 3', then make sure you won't try to find any logic in this film as it's a Salman Khan film and we hardly find any logic in his films (few exceptions) and 'Race 3' is no different. It's the third installment of hit Race franchise but there is no connection of Race 3 with its predecessors.

'Race 3' is a story about a family who is pitted against each-other and every member of this family has his or her own motives. Anil Kapoor is playing the character of Shamsher Singh who is an arms manufacturer and operates from his private island. For a heist, Shamsher Singh calls upon his adopted son Sikander (Salman Khan) and his twins Suraj (Saqib Saleem) and Sanjana (Daisy Shah). The twins who are not on good terms with Sikander due to his proximity to their father want to show him down in front of their father. So they conspire with Yash (Bobby Deol), Sikander's loyal bodyguard, to show him down.

Will they succeed in their conspiracy or not is interesting to watch? There are some twists and turns which take the plot ahead but these are predictable. So you won't feel any exhilaration about it.

There are very few moments in the film which will elate you, otherwise, you'll feel let down.

If we talk about the performances, then undoubtedly Anil Kapoor is on top. He has essayed his character with such a perfection and ease that you might ignore rest of the flaws. Salman Khan has done no effort in acting apart from few action sequences. Bobby Deol is making a comeback and looks committed. Jacqueline is natural like always. Freddy Daruwala as Shamsher's nemesis is good and can be applauded. The worst performers of 'Race 3' are Daisy Shah and Saqib Saleem.

The film has certainly some high production values. The locations and backdrops have been chosen very aesthetically. With free-flowing arms and swanky cars, the action sequences have been shot brilliantly.

It seems that director Remo D'Souza has not even asked his actors for acting. The poor direction is the weakest point of the film. The music of the film is not as impressive as has already been rejected by the audience.

Overall, if you are a Salman Khan fan and really don't care about anything else then this is really 'none of our business'!
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