Notebook Review: Impressive unconventional love story!
Friday, March 29, 2019 11:39 IST
By Manjit Singh, Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Zaheer Iqbal, Pranutan Bahl

Director: Nitin Kakkar

Rating: ***

In today's world where online dating has taken over and love is limited to phone and chatting, Director Nitin Kakkar has presented us an old school romantic love story Notebook, where, Kabir (Zaheer Iqbal) falls in love with Firdaus (Pranutan), after reading her diary. 'Notebook' is a Bollywood adaption of Thai movie, 'The Teacher's Diary', which was selected for the Best Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards, from Thailand.

Kabir starts his teacher's job at a remote houseboat school in Kashmir, where only 5 students are admitted.

In this isolated place and in the middle of the lake where Kabir struggles to adjust himself with the students, he finds a diary of the previous teacher, Firdaus, who has shared her thoughts in it. The diary is Kabir's only support at this place and he falls in love with Firdaus.

Does Kabir profess his love to Firdaus and how do they meet? forms the crux of the film.

Zaheer Iqbal and Pranutan Bahl, both are debuting with Notebook, though it's their first film, still, they have delivered impressive performances. Zaheer's goofiness and Pranutan's innocence will astonish you. They have very less screen time together so their chemistry cannot be judged still their acting capabilities are at par excellence.

The kids in the film play a vital role along with Zaheer and Pranutan. Their promising an ear to ear smile and their captivating play invokes love for them all over again owing to the innocence and sweetness of the young artists.

'Notebook' has been shot at some of the exotic locations of Kashmir and Manoj Kumar Khatoi's Cinematography will leave you spellbound with the breath-taking scenic beauty of Kashmir.

Shabbir Hashmi and Payal Ashar have also done a good job with writing but it could have been better as the dialogues of the film fail to impress you. Though the one-line narrative is good the screenplay was too weak to lift the script.

Music director Vishal Mishra has already won lots of praise for his fresh work.

Director Nitin Kakkar has already proved his mettle, but this time he didn't deliver his best. 'Notebook' could have been better by little more efforts.

Overall, Notebook is a film for those who still love old school romantic Bollywood films. If you are one of them then Notebook will certainly impress you.
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