'I've been really blessed', says Jacqueline Fernandez who is living the dream she achieved with her hardwork
Friday, May 22, 2020 19:26 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Jacqueline Fernandez is popularly hailed as Bollywood's Miss Sunshine for her positive approach towards life and how she wins over everyone with her positive aura. In a recent live session, the actress revealed how she was keen on becoming an actress at a very young age and also shed some light about how her parents always supported her decisions.

Commenting on receiving support from her parents, the actress said, "I've actually been very blessed. My parents, they let us be what we wanted to be. They never enforced anything. They didn't even influence us to go to a certain track or to go to a certain route that we might've wanted to be on or go on. They let us figure that out on our own and that was a really beautiful thing because I knew from the age of 7 that I wanted to be in films. I knew I was an entertainer, was a performer.`

Spilling the beans on how Jacqueline had decided her passion at a young age she continued, "So even just from the age of 11, I was like crying and howling because I wanted to be in fashion shows and my parents would say "You're too young, An 11-year-old has never walked the ramp". By the age of 13, I was making my way out. When you're living in Bahrain, it's not easy to actually dream of being an entertainer or a performer. In India, still, there's a film industry. Here is a great chance that you could become a film actor. So I just went about doing it. I would make the contacts myself, I would start earning money from the age of 14 because I would go on these shows and the only thing I would need my parents to do was to pick me up and drop me off because I couldn't drive and there was no public transport."

The heights Jacqueline has achieved with her enthusiasm and affection towards her work shows how her hard work has paid off and she is living the life she earned.

The actress recently made her debut in the digital space with Mrs. Serial Killer and received a great response for her fresh, never before seen avatar. Jacqueline also released a song along with Salman Khan titled 'Tere Bina' which is winning hearts all over.
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