'Dynasty' Star Elizabeth Gillies Pulled Off a Quarantine Photo Shoot With Her Cast
Saturday, June 13, 2020 10:32 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Elizabeth Gillies discusses her quarantine photo project, her creative vision and its biggest challenge, and what Hollywood can and should be doing right now to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Star of CW's 'Dynasty' Elizabeth Gillies hasn't let the pandemic stop her from coming face-to-face with fellow co-stars. Instead, the actress has taken to capturing portraits of the show's other cast members through FaceTime.

The actress found a way to take promotional matters into her own hands, after photographing 12 cast members via FaceTime to share with her 10.9 million Instagram followers. Netflix debuted season three of the CW hit Dynasty on May 23, but with a pandemic keeping all its actors at home, star Elizabeth Gillies found a way to take promotional matters into her own hands - literally. She pulled off a quarantine photo shoot, capturing 12 of her peers in their respective homes as a creative way to celebrate the debut while also connecting with her friends during a period of extended isolation.

What was the biggest challenge in pulling it off? I had never done a photoshoot over FaceTime, so the biggest challenges were all technical. Bad connections meant blurry photos, low-light was tricky, the file sizes were much smaller, which puts you at a disadvantage with editing, et cetera. Aside from that, it felt totally natural. Video chatting is an amazing thing and we've gotten so used to it that experiments like this are totally possible and can really end up working. Having a good relationship and a level of trust with the people you're photographing definitely helps, too.

Your castmates all agreed - what was their response? To be honest, I knew everyone was getting a bit bored in their homes, so they were probably more likely to agree to something like this now rather than in the middle of production.
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