These detailed revelations by Sushant's cook about June 14th will shock you!
Thursday, August 06, 2020 13:21 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Sushant Singh Rajput's death and suicide case is going through multiple investigations and is far from reaching the logical conclusion. Now, to a recent development in SSR's death case, late actor's cook Neeraj Singh revealed the detailed happening on 14th June.

In the latest interview with India Today TV, Sushant's cook Neeraj Sharma revealed that Sushant, who died by suicide at his Bandra residence was found hanging in his bedroom by him (Neeraj), roommate and designer Sidharth Pithani and another friend Samuel. Meetu Singh, Sushant's sister had rushed to the late actor's room in Bandra after she got the call. As per the reports of India Today, Sushant was residing with two cooks, Neeraj and Keshav Bachner and his friend Sidharth Pithani lived in another room at his Bandra residence.

Neeraj reportedly told that at least 10-12 people used to live in the house but later Rhea Chakraborty asked others to leave. Talking about Rhea's departure a few days before the demise of the actor, Neeraj said. "That day, Rhea left around 1:30 pm. She had asked me to pack her clothes. His sister Meetu Singh came home at 5 PM and stayed for nearly three days. She left on June 12th or 13th."

He further said that they tried calling the actor but he didn't respond and that's when they called his sister Meetu and she asked to try and open the door. While elaborating the whole incidence, he said, "We called the locksmith and broke the door lock. But, they did not open the door then. After the locksmith left, Sidharth opened the door and was in complete shock. We all saw his body hanging from the ceiling. His sister (Meetu) asked us to bring his body down. We tried pressing his chest. Then, when we removed the cloth, we saw a mark on his neck."
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