Shahid-Fardeen fight over Kareena
Thursday, August 19, 2004 13:36 IST
By Santa Banta News Network

Okay! Here is some hot news after Mallika Sherawat decided to give some rest to her overworked larynx and the other assets, for a while. It's about 'Fida', the unusual love tale of the three lovers, who took their onscreen vendetta just too far.

It all started on the sets of Ken Ghosh's latest romantic thriller where Shahid-Kareena-Fardeen were playing love troika. Shahid, who shares a special chemistry with Bebo was wary of Fardeen's presence on the sets from the day one.

Meanwhile 'Dev' hit the marquee and a long smooch involving Fardeen and his love interest made the things worse for Shahid. His patience was running out and, finally, the young lover decided to confront his nemesis.

According to insiders, the two came to blows and it was only after a lot of persuasion, things got back to normal. However Fardeen and Shahid both deny the scuffle as an overblown media report but you can smell the truth in Khan's love lost talk about Kapoor.

"Yes, it's true, we aren't the best of friends. Shahid and I don't get along. But it wasn't a big fight. I had heard that he was bitching about me. He is quite immature. He had a few issues and I told him to stop talking about me," drawls Fardeen.

The issues were related to Shahid's girlfriend Kareena, who needed to do some steamy scenes with Khan.

"There are no kissing scenes between us," Fardeen argues. But are there hot scenes? He doesn't deny it, but clarifies that "the hot scene is a part of the song." Ask him, if he finds Kapoor a bit irritating and he wastes no time in nodding his head in affirmation.

But what about Kareena?

"Kareena and I are strictly friends. By virtue of our spending time together, the degree of trust and comfort is higher. But there is nothing more to it," clarifies Fardeen.

Perhaps that will bring some relief to Shahid. Perhaps...

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