Shakti Kapoor is a real life villain: Preity Zinta
Tuesday, March 15, 2005 11:45 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
The sting operation by a television channel, filming actor Shakti Kapoor purportedly asking sexual favours from a woman, has evoked sharp reactions from the industry with some denouncing it and others saying the entire industry should not be stereotyped for acts of some persons.

In a statement here, film director Subhash Ghai, who has been named by Kapoor as indulging in the "casting couch syndrome", said, "These kinds of insane people with such shameful acts, do survive in every segment of the society including cinema."

"It is very sad that people like Shakti project our industry and seniors in such a bad light.

"I am sure our associations will take action against such acts," he said.

In a strong statement, actress Preity Zinta, who also has been blamed by Kapoor, said, "This comment is made in a very poor taste and he is truly a person who has no respect for anyone and no honour.

"I am happy to be part of the industry but feel that one dirty fish spoils the whole pond.

"He is truly a real life villain and deserves to be banned from our film industry as there is no place for him here," she said.

Condemning the way the sting operation was conducted, director Sawant Kumar Tak says, "Had the actor been caught luring an innocent victim, it was understandable.

"But having a journalist pose and enact a drama is different... it appears to have been staged to trap him."

However, on Kapoor's statement about the rest of the industry indulging in casting couch game, Tak said the entire industry could not be blamed for one individual's deeds.

"Shakti Kapoor does not represent the entire industry," he added.

"It is unfair on part of the media to blame the industry. A sensible director would not indulge in this because he cannot afford to put his entire career, reputation and work at stake for a single night stand," he said.

"Moreover, how can the media tresspass into private spaces? What the channel has done is wrong," he said.

Director Mahesh Bhatt said blaming that the entire industry is indulging in casting couch is erroneous.

"I would be naive if I say there was no casting couch. However, the truth also is that the major bulk of the industry does not indulge in it.

"There are people who use their position for some gains but to say the entire industry did it would be wrong," he said.

"Also it would not be right to selectively embrace some people who make us proud and ampute the other," he said referring to statements disowning Kapoor. He also opposed sting operations aimed at "catching eyeballs" and boosting TRP ratings.
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