Priyanka Chopra is high on music
Wednesday, September 19, 2012 13:24 IST
There aren't many mainstream actresses who sing as well as act. At least not in Bollywood.

In fact, the last personality who fit this bill perfectly was the timeless Suraiya. Priyanka Chopra is well aware of this challenge and that's what makes her decision to launch her debut single-featuring of Black Eyed Peas unique.

Basking in the positive reviews about her performance in her latest film, PC is glad to have finally entered the realm of music to make her sweet little contribution. In a tĂȘte-a-tĂȘte with CS, the actress speaks about her musical journey,

American connection
It was great working with will.i am. He's one of the most talented musicians on the planet right now. He just knows how to make a hit. Also, he's a great personality and I take delight in the fact that I got to collaborate with someone like him on my debut musical effort.

Singing byte
The genre I'm most comfortable singing in is English Pop. Perhaps that's also the reason why I haven't sung for a film yet. During my school days, I was trained in Western Classical. Having said that, I might sing for a film someday.

All about me
This album was a year-and-half in the making. All the songs reflect something about my own experiences, be it as a 18-year-old who was crowned Miss World or someone who entered the film industry later.

It has something about the nomadic years I had as a part of my childhood since my dad is from the Army. We used to keep shifting from one place to another which included spending four years in the US.

Musical influence
I'm a fan of music. My taste is very eclectic and I listen and appreciate everyone from Ghulam Alisaab to Rafi, Ashaji to Lataji to Sunidhi. On the international level, I admire and enjoy everybody from Tupac Shukar to The Notorious B.I.G to U2.

No plans please
Whenever I plan something, something else happens. It's as if God laughs at my plans! So I just go with the flow and live one day at a time and try to accomplish as much as I can today than wait for tomorrow to happen.
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