Hrithik bags YRF and Shekhar Kapur's film 'Paani'
Monday, December 03, 2012 15:47 IST
Sources say Hrithik Roshan has finally been confirmed for the filmmaker's project which is to be produced by YRF

After much ado, sources say that Shekhar Kapur has finally handpicked Hrithik Roshan to play lead in his most ambitious project till date. Apparently, the actor has been talking about bagging the project, which was first announced 12 years ago, quite openly at the ongoing Marrakech Film Festival in Morocco.

A source says, `Now that Shekhar has finally found a producer in Aditya Chopra, looks like things are now falling into place. Earlier, the director was often rebuked as to who would want to see a project like Paani!`

The film that will apparently have a budget of $ 30 million is said to star an Indian actor and an overseas heroine.

A source from Morocco says, `Hrithik is openly discussing the film with others. He is obviously excited to get the project. Ranbir was also in the buzz as being considered for the role. Guess his packed diary didn't permit him free dates to say yes to Shekhar.`

The film that was first announced with Vivek Oberoi in the lead essays a time when the world has gone to war over the scarcity of drinking water. International corporations hold water as leverage to control the human population.

The film tells the story of a financially poor man, who stealthily visits the elite parts of the city where he comes across a beautiful woman and they fall in love.
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