Does Tusshar Kapoor look underage?
Sunday, December 23, 2012 14:18 IST
36-year-old Tusshar Kapoor was stopped from entering a US casino as they felt he looked under 18

Bizarre but true! Recently Tusshar Kapoor was stopped from entering a casino in the US as the bouncers assumed he was underage. The actor was holidaying with friends when on a spur of a moment he decided to spend the evening at a casino. The security agents at the entrance were not sure of his age and hence asked him to produce an age-proof certificate.

Our source says, `Tusshar had gone to US for a holiday after four years to meet his old college friends. The lady at the entrance stopped him as she thought he looked too young and even asked for his age proof. Tusshar said he was 36 but the lady was not ready to believe him. Then he had to go get his passport and show it to her and only then was he allowed inside the casino.`

The actor laughs as he recalls the incident, `Yes it's the first time I have been stopped from entering a casino. I went to the US after four years, drove around my alma mater one day, met old friends and shopped so much that I had to purchase two extra suitcases to bring them back.

Generally I have been stopped at the airports but this time they let me through. Instead they stopped me at the casino.`

The actor apparently shopped for a lot of goodies for his pet dog Poshto. The source adds, `He got a lot of toys for his pooch. The weather was perfect, he was in great spirits and the holiday did him good.`
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