Support pours in for Imran Khan's drinking age PIL
Wednesday, February 20, 2013 13:33 IST
Imran Khan receives more than 2,000 letters from fans in support of his PIL against legal age limit set for drinking

Imran Khan has followed on his mamujaan Aamir Khan's footsteps to vocally take up social causes. A while back the actor had filed a PIL against the government for setting the legal age of drinking at 25.

The case has finally come up for a hearing and the High Court apparently has asked the Maharastra government to reply to the PIL.

Support has poured in from all quarters as Imran has apparently received around 2,300 posts encouraging him in his endeavour.

A source says, `Imran's case is all set to come up for a hearing and he has earned a lot of support from his fans. Few of them had even landed outside his home and left messages for the actor.`

Those close to the actor say, `Imran is overwhelmed with the response. Nearly 60 per cent of India's population in under-25. Imran condemns drinking and strongly believes it's bad for health. However, he feels that the youth should have the capability to decide for themselves what is good and bad. The government cannot take a stand on this.`
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