Movie Review: 'RSVP' - Punjwood movie, Bollywood standards
Friday, October 11, 2013 14:50 IST
By JD Ghai, Santa Banta News Network
Starring: Neeru Bajwa, Harish Verma, Jaswinder Bhalla, Navneet Nishaan, Pukhraj Bhalla, Jaswant Dhaman, Hardeep Gill, Rana Ranbir, Rajpal Yadav,Guggu Gill

Director: Vijay Kumar Arora


When the movie Sholay was made, it was slow in picking up but ultimately proved to be one of the most successful box office hits of its times. It rewrote the rules of popular cinema and Sholay is still considered to be watershed as the movie was a perfect mix of action, comedy, drama and good music topped by beautiful cinematography, screenplay, dialogues, story and direction.

Punjwood movie "RSVP - Ronde Saare Vyah Picho" is one such movie that qualifies on all the above parameters and it is bound to lift the Punjabi cinema to newer heights. It is a story of Manpreet (Neeru Bajwa) who is brought up by his maternal uncle Gurjit (Jaswinder Bhalla) and aunt Rajjo (Navneet Nishaan). The family is completed by the only son Hira (Pukhraj Bhalla). The beautiful maiden in Manpreet is shown as a con woman. She along with her extended family dupes people by first making a love nest. She duly marries the fall guy and then flees with all the material movable assets. The seductive looks of Manu play as a valuable asset to net wealthy bachelors.

However, things comes to a pass when Ranbir Singh (Harish Verma) and his grandmother, Beeji (Jaswant Dhaman of Namaste London fame) fall prey to Manpreet's charm and Ranbir gets married to Manpreet. This is followed by regular drama of marriage and finally running away with jewellery.

This makes the grandmother crestfallen and Ranbir totally morassed. Ranbir's heart is unable to accept the fact that Manpreet is a cheat. As a result, he takes things in his own hands when the police inspector (Hardeep Gill) is unable to find further clues except for identifying the regular pattern to similar heists. The earlier preys being Goldy (Rana Ranbir) and Chunnilal aka Chunnu Singh Dhillon (Rajpal Yadav).

Finally Ranbir makes a breakthrough in his investigations and finds the con-makers in the midst of a new game. However, the trouble mongers are on the receiving end since the father of the fiancee is no-nonsense Mr Brar (Guggu Gill). Ranbir becomes an event manager for the wedding of Brar's son with Manpreet and thus helps Manpreet and her family from the clutches of Brar. The film climaxes with Ranbir building a good rapport with Manpreet and her family and making them realise their folly in playing with the emotions of people.

The movie enjoys an excellent star cast and Rajpal Yadav is an icing on the cake who plays the role of a Bhaiyya to perfection. The lead pair of Harish and Neeru enjoy a wonderful on-screen chemistry and have done a wonderful job. Harish is very impressive while playing an emotional lover. His scene with his granmother where he comes home drunk is a master class.

The casting was excellent on the whole and no one disappoints. Though we are well-versed with histrionics ability of Jaswinder Bhalla, his son Pukhraj who makes a debut seems to have acting naturally in his genes.

A special mention goes to Guggu Gill, Hardeep Gill and Rana Ranbir. Navneet Nishaan and the rest of the cast also fit the bill perfectly.

The comic timing of Bhalla, Rana and Rajpal Yadav and also the dialogues delivery is excellent. However, Rajpal Yadav seems to have been under utilised. The music is extra-ordinarily melodious that rankers in your ears even long after you have moved out of the theatre.

Though it is Vijay Kumar Arora's maiden directorial venture, he comes out on top with his apt handling of a very good script. His earlier skill in photography is used to add flavour to this must-see wonderful family movie.
RSVP Ronde Saare Vyah Picho
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