Fight Club
Wednesday, January 25, 2006 15:50 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
This Bharat Shah movie would be more known for its heavyweight star-cast than anything else. Music is by Pritam of ‘Dhoom' and ‘Chocolate' fame. The lyrics are by a Pritam favourite Mayur Puri.

Four songs with three of them having their remix versions make a total sound track of seven. The album opens with K.K's highly westernised rendition of ‘Yeh Khuda'. Highlight of this song is a female voice singing in the background.

It is repeated in the remix version too. Amit Kumar marks his return to film music ‘Chhore Ki Baatein'—a ‘reworded' song of Pakistani Zafar Ali's hit ‘Channo'.. Shweta Pandit plays a naughty second fiddle to Amit in this song. Its remix version by Iimu Ali doesn't bring about much of change because the original tune in itself is very engrossing.

'Joshile Java Ho' with good rhythm and a beat is a solo number by Shweta Pandit, but it doesn't leave a big impact on the listener. 'Bolo Na Tum Zara'—a romantic and soothing duet by Shaan and Shreya comes as a welcome and much -needed change after high paced numbers.

However, Mansour brings its remix version more in tune with the rest of the album.

There is nothing much in the album that will be remembered for long. However, the romantic number 'Bolo Na Tum Zara' will be hummed by the lovelorn for sometime.
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