• Guess who forgot to show up to the Health Fair?

    Guess who forgot to show up to the Health Fair?
    They may have Alzheimer`s, but at least they don`t have Alzheimer`s.
  • Rahul Returns

    Rahul Returns
    Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi returned to Delhi on Thursday from his a two-month "unexplained" sabbatical.
    Rahul arrived in New Delhi at 11.15 AM on a Thai Airways plane from Bangkok.
    Missing from action for almost two months, Rahul has been on a leave of absence since the Parliament`s Budget Session began on February 23.
  • Anti India Rally

    Anti India Rally
    Separatist leader Masarat Alam sparked a fresh row of controversy after he was seen waving Pakistan`s flag and raising anti-India slogans at a rally in Srinagar to greet separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani of the Hurriyat. The incident has led to widespread criticism over J&K CM Mufit Mohommad Sayeed`s move to release the separatist leader. Alam was released from Baramulla prison following the new J&K government`s policy to free political prisoners who do not face criminal charges.
  • Damn You Auto Correct

    Damn You Auto Correct
    Auto Correct - Your best friend and sometimes your worst enemy...