Sizzling Babes of CCL Calendar Part-1

  • Sizzling Babes of CCL Calendar Part-1

    Sizzling Babes of CCL Calendar Part-1

    Although CCL 2013 is over but inspite of that one can feel the scorching warmth of this celebrity tournament throughout the year.

    Thanks to the gorgeous dames of CCL calender, who will be soaring the temperature through out the year by decorating the leaves of CCL 2013 calendar.

    So have a look.

  • Shriya Saran

    Shriya Saran

    Shriya could not fetch much after doing several Bollywood movies, but now she has emerged as one of the most sought after damsel of Southern cinema.

    And why not her dusky complexion and a perfectly toned bod deserves tons admiration.

  • Kangana Ranaut

    Kangana Ranaut

    While representing her 'Amchi Mumbai' cine industry that is Mumbai Heroes on CCL calendar, Kangana looks nowhere less than sizzling sex goddess of Greek mythology.

    While flaunting her grace in milky white designer attire, this otherwise introvert damsel will simply leave you mesmerized.

  • Amla Paul

    Amla Paul

    After proving their mettle in season one of CCL this time Chennai Rhino's brand ambassadors too seems to be quite keen to mesmerize the masses with the grace of their oomph.

    On March leaf of calender it is going to be sizzling Amla Paul in bright yellow raiment.

  • Richa Gangopadhayaya

    Richa Gangopadhayaya

    Many may be oblivious about the credential of Richa, because she has not yet stirred the Bolly-grapevine in any way. But still one fact which can't be denied about this former beauty queen is that she too owns the sex appeal which can make any man go crazy.

    Richa will be featured on the April leaf of CCL calendar.

  • Lakshmi Rai

    Lakshmi Rai

    Southern cinema's 'Stylish Star' Lakshmi own every trait which is required by a dame to capture the psyche of a man.

    Being the brand ambassador of Kerala Strikers, Lakshmi will be on the May page of CCL Calendar. Now one can very well gaze how is going to be onset of summers this year.

  • Aindrita Ray

    Aindrita Ray

    Marvellous beauty of Kannada cinema and brand ambassador of Karnataka Bulldozers, Aindrita Ray's oomph will set ablaze the month of June where she will be flaunting her curvaceous bod in blue bikini.

  • Riya Sen

    Riya Sen

    She may have hogged the limelight for some good or some not so pleasing reasons, but inspite of that we can't stop fantasizing about this mind blowing sizzling sex siren.

    Riya will be representing Bengal Tigers in CCL and will be seen in a sensually hot avatar on July leaf of CCL calendar.

  • Priyamani


    Remember the 'Jamuni' of Abhishek and Ash starrer Raavan, well, may be after seeing this sizzling stance of southern hottie you will be able to establish some resemblance.

    On the September page of CCL it's going to be glamorous Jamuni aka Priyamani.

  • Nidhi Subbaiah

    Nidhi Subbaiah

    Well, it's difficult to be sure about other hotties of CCL calendar, but one diva who is surely going to emerge as a head turner is another Karnataka Bulldozers brand ambassador Nidhi Subbaiah, whose posing under shower sensually in a skimpy attire will surely leave many amid the fits of hiccups.

  • Genelia D' Souza

    Genelia D' Souza

    Besides Kangs it's going to be sassy Genelia, who will be boosting the morals of team Mumbai's fans. Genie will be showcasing her prurient side in a casual yet sexy attire

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