• Pappu Fail Ho Gaya!

    Bahut Jyada Shaitaniyo Aur Faltu Ki Bakwas Karne Ki Vajah Se Pappu Ek Bar Fail Ho Gaya.

    Teacher Ne Santa Ko Class Mein Bulaya Aur Boli.

    Teacher: Tumhara Ladka Bada Hi Nalayak Ho Gaya, Jitna Faltu Ki Baton Mein Dimaag Lagata Hai Utna Study Pe Lagana Chahiye.

    Santa: Madam Ji, Kya Ho Gaya Kyu Itna Gussa Kar Rahe Ho?
    Teacher: Ye Dekho Vo Fail Hai. English Mein 14, Math Mein 17, Science Mein 18, SST Mein 11, Total 60.

    Santa Ne Ye Suna Aur Kuch Pal Sochne Ke Bad Bola.

    Santa: Wah Madam, Total Mein Toh Chha Gaya Apna Puttar..., Aur Kamaal Ki Baat Yeh Hai Ki Is Subject Ki Toh Tution Bhi Nahi Rakhi Thi.
  • Special Paani Puri Menu

    Ek Paani Puri Wale Ka Menu

    Paani Puri : 10 Rs.
    Special Paani Puri : 20 Rs.
    Extra Special Paani Puri : 30 Rs.
    Double Extra Special Paani Puri : 40 Rs.
    Triple Extra Special Paani Puri : 50 Rs.
    Multi Special Paani Puri : 60 Rs.
    Special 'Sunday' Paani Puri : 100 Rs.

    Maine Socha Ki Daily Alag Alag Paani Puri Khaunga Aur Dektha Hun Ki Kya Difference Hai. Par Mujhe Taste Mein Sabhi Ek Jaise Lage, Koi Difference Nahin Laga.

    Maine Pucha: Bhaiya, Sabhi Paani Puri Ka Taste Toh Ek Jaisa Hi Hai Phir Ye Alag Alag Price Kyun Hai ?

    Paani Puri Wala:
    Sahab, Paani Puri Matalab Paani Puri Sirf 5 Rs.
    Special Paani Puri Matalab - 'Sirf Chammach Dhoya Hua.'
    Extra Special Paani Puri Matalab - 'Chammach Aur Dish Dono Hi Dhoye Hue.'
    Double Special Paani Puri Matalab - 'Paani Puri Dene Ke Pahele Haath Bhi Dhoye Hue.'
    Itna Bolkar Wo Paani Puri Wala Chup Ho Gya...

    Par Mujse Raha Nahi Gaya Meine Puch Hi Liya" Aur Ye Sunday Special Matalab??

    Paani Puri Wala: Vo Sahab, Sunday Ko Mein Nahata Hu, Isliye Sunday Special.
  • That's Odd !

    A mother and father named their child "Odd". Because of his unfortunate name, poor Odd had the worst life you could imagine.

    In school, he was always picked on and had trouble making friends. In college he never fit in and struggled to gain the respect of his peers. In life he drifted from job to job, unable to find steady work. He never found the love of his life and lived a lonely bachelor.

    And so one day Odd decided he couldn't go on anymore and took his own life. In his suicide note he demanded that his grave be a blank headstone with no mention of his name, so that he could be completely and utterly forgotten.

    And yet every time someone walks past his grave, they see his wordless stone and go, "That's odd..."
  • New Words for 2016

    Errorist : Someone who repeatedly makes mistakes.

    Cellfish : Those who continue to talk on their cell phone, oblivious to the effect on others around them. a bitch than the average bitch. Dudevorce : When two male best friends officially end their friendship over a lame disagreement, usually concerning a girl. Nonversation : A completely worthless conversation, wherein nothing is illuminated, explained or otherwise elaborated upon. Typically occurs at parties, bars or other events.

    Destinesia : When you get to where you were intending to go, you forget why you were going there in the first place. Not to be confused with being stoned.

    Unkeyboardinated : Lacking physical or mental keyboard coordination; unable to type without repeatedly making mistakes.

    Cellfish : Those who continue to talk on their cell phone, oblivious to the effect on others around them.

    Textpectation : The anticipation one feels when waiting for a response to a text message.

    Carcolepsy : The inability to stay awake and alert when in a car, or any other thing that moves, such as trains, planes, and buses.

    Hiberdating : Someone who ignores all their other friends when they are dating a boyfriend/girlfriend.

    Wexting: Texting while walking.

    Selfiecide: The death of a person which occurs while taking selfies.

    Deja Poop : The feeling that the same shit keeps happening over and over to you!