• Doctor's Advice

    Yesterday I was talking to my doctor and after knowing my occupation he advised:

    You must exercise more. Don't buy cold drinks from stalls. Drink more plain water. Don't drive when going out. Take public transport or walk. Don't eat out.. Eat less meat especially seafood. Keep to vegetarian diet if possible.

    I nodded and asked: May I know what's wrong with me?

    He answered: Teri Salary Bahut Kam Hai Re...
  • How To Make Pie

    Grandma made such beautiful pies. One day I asked her, "How do you get such beautiful pies with the crimps around the edge so even?"

    "Well, it's a family secret," she said. "But if you promise not to tell, I'll let you in on it."

    "Okay," I said. "Tell me!"

    "Well, first, I roll out the dough, making sure it is flat and even. Then I cut out the bottom layer and carefully put in the pie plate and make sure it is firmly against the sides of the plate.

    "Then I slowly pour in the filling, making sure it's not too full.

    "Next, I cut out the top layer and carefully put it over the filling.

    "Finally, I take out my teeth and just run them around the edge of the pie crust, and they make the nicest even impressions you ever did see!"
  • Best Way To Reduce Crime

    There was this ancient story teller...

    One of his stories was about a Kingdom that was having a lot of crime so the King said, "Whoever comes up with a solution that works will be greatly rewarded."

    Many tried but their solutions did not work until this Old Man said he had the solution.

    He asked to tear down all the jails and prisons. Then he had one jail for one person built.

    Right away they had someone who committed a crime.

    The Old Man said, "Put him in jail."

    Very soon another committed a crime and the officers came to ask the Old Man what to do with him to which the Old Man answered, Kill the first one and put this one in jail!"

    That ended the crime in the Kingdom.
  • Toilet Sink

    After a night on the town, a young woman brought a new friend home for a late-night drink.

    "You can't make any noise," she warned him. "My parents are upstairs and if they find out they'll kill us."

    Things started getting heated on the sofa, but after a while alcohol got the better of the man. "I have to go," he said.

    "Well you can't go upstairs. The bathroom is right next to my parents' bedroom," she replied. "Use the kitchen sink."

    So he dutifully retired to the kitchen.

    a paper towel?"