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Caprice Bourret

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Caprice was born on October 24, 1974, in Hacienda Heights, California, and left her native California to pursue a modeling career in England.

Ever since Caprice arrived in Great Britain from the USA, she took the country by storm. Her sexy, lean and lanky looks catapulted her into the world of Tv and Film.

Though a native born American, this sultry bombshell is now one of the most photographed and adored women in the country, with a steady following around the world. Not so long ago she was just a girl next door and then as suddenly in 1996 she became one of the most photographed women in Europe and appearing on over 100 magazine covers across the region.

She also hosted the British National Television Awards in 1996, 1997 and 1998. She featured in the World's finest magazines, Esquire, GQ, New Woman, Woman's Journal, You, Sunday Times Style, FHM, Attitude, and the Sunday Telegraph. She also appeared in the Swimsuit Issue of Sports illustrated in 1998.

She appeared nude in a Playboy spread and also shot naked for a racy video in 1998. She also achieved recognition in many Pantene shampoo ads and also European ads for Porsche automobiles. She also modeled for Pizza Hut, Littlewoods, Marks & Spencer and H&M. She even sports musical talent as a singer.

Caprice lives the jet-set lifestyle now and does what she is best at : Modelling. She has two residences, in London & Los Angeles to pursue her interests in other fields too. She published a CD titled Oh Yeah in 2000 and is currently working on her new album. She also stars in her own travel series called Caprice Travels, which is screened on Friday nights on ITV. She is evidently making her way up to the celebrity ladder and seems to be receiving good reviews for her work.

When she appeared on the famous Craig Kilborn show for the promotion of her newly released album, Craig quoted a beautiful line in her honour, "When in search of Caprice Bourret, always remember there's a fine line between persistence and stalking".

Caprice is much adored in the UK and her numerous roles in different UK TV programs suggest her legions of fans are large and growing larger. Caprice has not only been on the TV, but is also very popular as a magazine pin-up. Caprice admitted though to being initially naive about her sexuality, saying, "I remember staying the night with some school pals and one girl holding up a banana to explain sexual intercourse to me."

In 1996 her see-through dress made the otherwise conservative British newscaster Trevor McDonald to lose his cool British composure during the British National Television Awards. This event caused Caprice to be banned from the show the following year though she was back in '98 with her revealing $15,000 skintight dress bearing two British flag designs in tiny colored beads. She covered up though when on stage with Trevor, saying, "I know Trevor got a bit distracted the last time so I've covered up to be safe on stage".

Besides her on screen flirtations, Caprice has been linked to some noteworthy celebrities like Rod Stewart after his separation from Rachel Hunter and also a rumoured romance with former UK soccer star Tony Adams. But she is not as choosy as it seems according to one of her quotes- "She'd rather behave like a tart and bad publicity be damned."

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