'Bhangra Paa Le' Review: Rukshar - Sunny shine in this ordinary Sneha Taurani dramedy!
Friday, January 03, 2020 14:04 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
Cast: Sunny Kaushal, Rukshar Dhillon, Shriya Pilgaonkar

Director: Sneha Taurani

Rating: **1/2

Sunny Kaushal and Rukshar Dhillon's debut film and Sneha Taurani's debut Bollywood directorial 'Bhangra Paa Le' is finally here. So let's see how the dance-off between Jaggi and Simi goes!

Bhangra Paa Le is the story of Jaggi (Sunny Kaushal) and Simi (Rukshar Dhillon) who are crazy for the Punjabi folk dance form 'Bhangra'. They belong to rival colleges and both desperately want to win Amritsar's biggest inter-college bhangra competition for their college.

Simi, Amritsar's best female Bhangra dancer is a competitive one whereas a small towner Jaggi has emotional values attached to Bhangra which brings these two together. Simi is more inclined to an improved form of Bhangra and Jaggi on the other side is someone attached to his roots and the folk form of Bhangra.

Both become rivals and soon are hell-bent on defeating each other to win the international Bhangra Battle in London but this competitive spirit soon turns into mutual affection and makes these poles apart characters fall for each other and how their journey concludes is the story of Sneha Taurani's film.

In her debut comedy-drama film, Sneha Taurani puts a sparkly cinematic experience on your screen which is enjoyable as the film mostly keeps you entertained but in terms of story, the film is predictable and has nothing new to offer.

The screenplay runs two parallel timelines together and keeps shifting between them. One is set in the World War 2 era and the other in today. Sunny Kaushal delivers an impressive performance as a small-town guy Jaggi who is trying to fulfill his dreams and make a name for his family, he fits perfectly in the skin of a local Punjabi lad but still fails to match the energy of his counterpart Rukshar.

Yes, the leading lady of the film Rukshar Dhillon is wearing the pants here. She oozes charm and confidence as an urban - modern girl Simi and steals the show in every frame and just her presence lights up the screen. Her expressions are so natural and effortless that it leaves you in her awe and she looks adorable as Simi overshadowing Sunny.

The cinematography of the film is what makes it more attractive and the credit for that goes to Jitan Harmeet Singh, the cinematographer of the film for capturing the raw, natural and innocent side of Punjab. The music of the film is groovy and peppy and here the film scores high.

But the real downside of the film is the romantic and competitive chemistry of the Jaggi and Simi which is weak and lacks the heft. It fails to engage you and hook your eyes to the screen and that's where the film loses most points as the whole idea of 'Bhangra Paa Le' is built around the competition between the leading characters which lacks the oomph.

Interestingly, Sunny seems to have better chemistry with his World War' era love interest 'Nimmo' (Shriya Pilgaonkar) who has formidable screen presence and does a good job as Nimmo. Sneha Taurani's debut film shows that she has a lot to improve as the most important part of the film 'the chemistry' has been overlooked by her and the lengthy runtime makes the film loses more points.

The choreography which is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in a dance film is not up to the mark here and the 'wow' factor is totally missing.

All said and done, Bhangra Paa Le boasts of praiseworthy performances from its star cast and some good and pumping music for your ears but ultimately what makes this one just an average dance film is the ordinary storyline and a weak plot.
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