Sexiest Playboy Covers of Pamela

  • Sexiest Playboy Covers of Pamela

    Sexiest Playboy Covers of Pamela

    Playboy magazine may be having a huge brigade of hotties to scorch its cover, but at the same time there is no denying the fact that none of these hotties afford to have the sex appeal which Playboy's most sought after babe Pamela has.

    So in order to make you believe our words we bring for you some of the sexiest cover of Playboy on which this hot Firang diva featured.

  • October, 1989 edition

    October, 1989 edition

    While donning a blazer and a tie for the cover of Playboy magazine's 1989, Pam would surely have made millions of man loose their sanity.

  • February, 1991 edition

    February, 1991 edition

    Even the February 1991 edition of Playboy was no less raunchy than the earlier editions where Pamela featured in a lingerious avatar.

  • July, 1992 edition

    July, 1992 edition

    How can one forget the cleavicious cowgirl avatar of this stupendous beauty, in which she sizzled on the cover Playboy's February 1992 issue.

  • August, 1993 edition

    August, 1993 edition

    While decorating the cover of Playboy's August 1993 issue, this magnificent stunner took the prurience milestone miles ahead of its previous state, while sizzling in a shimmering off shoulder raiment.

  • November, 92 edition

    November, 92 edition

    Well it is very difficult to say whether it was 'Baywatch' which made Pam popular or vice versa, but whatever it was we are glad that we got ample opportunity to gaze the stupendous curves of this mind boggling beauty.

  • January, 96 edition

    January, 96 edition

    In January 96 Pamela once again returned to the cover of Playboy, but this in a somewhat decorous avatar and this time she featured in bathing robe.

  • September 1997 edition

    September 1997 edition

    There is no denying the fact that this gorgeous beauty is 'Dream girl' of millions of her admirers spread all across the globe.

    Even Playboy realized the existence of the fact in 1997 and made Pam it's cover girl for its November edition.

  • June, 1998 edition

    June, 1998 edition

    Although there were numerous other hotties in the television series 'Baywatch', but it was Pamela's beauty which ruled the roost.

    Even while being on the cover of Playboy's June 1998 edition along with other hotties of the show, it was Pam who emerged as an instant gaze grabber.

  • February, 1999 edition

    February, 1999 edition

    Pamela once again succeeded in soaring the mercury in 1999 when she appeared on the cover of Playboy while donning a garland made of pearls.

  • July, 2001 edition

    July, 2001 edition

    Before July 2001, Pamela would have sizzled in many bikinilious avatars many a times, but none of them would have been as hot as it was for the cover of Playboy's July 2001 edition.

  • May, 2004 edition

    May, 2004 edition

    There are numerous hotties in the western showbiz who own the tag of being a sex symbol, but in reality it's Pam who is the real synonym of prurience.

    While being on the cover of Playboy's July 2004 editions in a stunning avatar, she acted like an insider and revealed many unheard secrets of western glamour aisles.

  • January, 2011 edition

    January, 2011 edition

    After scorching many Playboy covers, in January 2011, Pamela decorated Playboy cover in a very elegant avatar, but believe me despite being a decorous one this appearance was again too tempting to resist.


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