Tha Karke - 3.5 crores, 1000 dancers, 180 fighters, 10 cars and 12 days
Monday, November 03, 2008 12:58 IST
By Santa Banta News Network
2 crores, 4 crores, 6 crores - All sort of numbers are being thrown around when it comes to the money that went into making 'Tha Karke', the flagship number of Rohit Shetty's latest release GOLMAAL RETURNS. While the film is raking in good moolah and the song too has been widely appreciated by the masses, we got in touch with the captain of the ship, Rohit Shetty - film's director, to understand the dynamics of 'Tha Karke'.

"The song cost as exactly 3.5 crores. Everything else that you hear is plain rumor", says Rohit who has continued his successful streak with GOLMAAL RETURNS after ZAMEEN, GOLMAAL and SUNDAY.

"Tha Karke' involved as many as 1000 dancers, 180 fighters and around 10 cars. It took us 12 days to complete the song. The song finds a place in the movie, courtesy Rajnikanth's SIVAJI and it's director Shankar. There would be quite some reference points, though in a lighter vein, to this film from the South."

Elaborating on the song, Rohit Shetty add, "In South, Rajini movies can't be missed. Even I saw the film when it released in Mumbai last year. I saw some of the most lavish songs in the film and asked myself - 'Why can't we do something like this'?

Yes, there isn't much logic in the songs and in a normal Hindi film we can't take such a risk. But for GOLMAAL RETURNS, I could afford to do that."

Since GOLMAAL RETURNS in any case follows a slapstick routine and is full of gigs, it wasn't difficult convincing one that 'Tha Karke' was a possibility.

"True, it is a fun film and there was always a place for an entertaining song like this. This is when we went full steam ahead and took a 'holds no bar' approach for 'Tha Karke'", says Rohit Shetty who is beaming with the film's success.

"Excellent opening of GOLMAAL RETURNS is an answer to all those critics who went hammers and tongs ripping apart the film. Well, the box office is saying something completely opposite. I guess critics this time around missed something that audience loved to grab with both hands", concludes Rohit with a wink. - Joginder Tuteja
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